Falconer Central School

    Paul B.D. Temple Elementary

    1st Grade Supply List 

    **All first grade children will need to bring the following items to Open House. Only label your child’s name if indicated.

    § Large backpack-big enough to hold a folder, winter shoes, library book and lunch box. Please have your child open and close the backpack independently before purchasing. Do not buy backpacks with wheels. They do not fit in the lockers, which will not conform to fire codes. Also, backpacks with multiple sections make it difficult for children to easily find items, or lose items. Therefore, we suggest a single section backpack.

    ·         Crayola Crayons- Six 24 Count Boxes

    ·         1 Plastic Pencil Box Labeled With Name (standard size)

    ·         8 Expo Dry Erase Markers (black only if possible, the colors dry out easily)



    ·         6 Glue Sticks

    ·         1 Box of Kleenex

    ·         1 Pair of "Fiskar" Scissors

    ·         Quart size zip lock bags

    ·         Gallon size zip Lock bags

    ·         1 Small Pack Baby Wipes (We use these to clean off desks after crafts.)

    • Hand Sanitizer- 1-8 oz. 

    Not included on the supply list is a change of clothes. If you would like to send in a change of clothes we can keep them in your child’s locker. Accidents do happen, more so in the beginning of the year when children are timid or shy. For most it is easier (and less embarrassing) to have them grab their bag and quickly change. Also, if you would like to send in an art smock (or a big, old t-shirt) for crafts, that is fine. Students will keep the art smock in their locker.

    Please make sure that you send your child to school in or with gym shoes daily. Children are not permitted to play on the playground without them.

    We appreciate your attention to these requests. If any of this presents a hardship, please contact your child’s teacher.

    PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ANY ITEMS NOT ON THIS LIST . Thank You! Thanks you! Miss Adams