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    Counseling Center Goals

    The primary objective of the Falconer Middle/High School Counseling Center Office is to assist all students in their educational process to reach their fullest potential through planned programs that support the education of our entire student body. Programs are tailored for all students to maximize their personal, academic, social, and career potential. The Counseling Center serves all students and shall include advisory assistance and counseling in regards to academic curriculum, career plans, attendance, and behavioral/emotional concerns. Through both the guidance program and effective counseling relationships, students learn to take responsibility for decision-making, educational progress, career planning, and personal and social development. 

    Middle School Counseling ServicesKOdell

    Mrs. Krista Odell, M.S.Ed.

     716-665-6624 extension options #2 & #4
    Grades 6-8
    The Middle School Counselor provides counseling to assist with academic achievement and transition from the elementary school setting to high school. There is close collaboration between the counselor and each of the grade level teams of teachers. Services include but are not limited to:
    • Career classes & advisement
    • Short-term individual counseling
    • Student scheduling
    • Student enrollment/transfer
    • Grade 6 Lifeskills classes
    • High School planning sessions
    • 8th grade graduation info night
    • Parent/teacher conferences
    • Middle School incentive program
    • Attendance at student CSE meetings
    • Attendance at student 504 plan meetings
    • Attendance at grade level team meetings
    • Developing behavior modification plans
    Mrs. Odell works with students in grades 6, 7, and 8 encouraging individual growth and exploring careers using the Choices career computer software program..  She meets with students and develops a tentative high school plan to help meet graduation requirements and prepare for post-high school goals. Parents and students have the option of arranging an individual parent-student-counselor conference to review report cards, career information, and test scores while organizing the student's grade nine schedule and high school plan.

    High School Counseling Services 

    TSwan Mrs. Tara Swan, M.S.Ed. TDuliba

     716-665-6624  options #2 & # 2
     Grades 9-12 (Last names A-J)

    Mrs. Tina Duliba, M.S.Ed.

    716-665-6624 options #2 & #3
    Grades 9-12 (Last names K-Z) 
    The High School Counselors are responsible for working with students in grades 9-12. They provide services and activities to encourage and motivate students to achieve success in high school and beyond. Counselors always engage necessary personnel to assist students including; parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and local service agencies.  Services include but are not limited to:
    • High School course advisement                                                                                  
    • Career research and portfolios
    • College/trade school research
    • College & financial aid applications
    • Attendance at 504/CSE meetings
    • Personal counseling
    • Attendance at parent/teacher conferences
    • Financial aid resources
    • Student scheduling   
    • Tutoring program
    • Gay Straight Alliance 
    • Student mentoring program                                       
    In grade 9, students work with Mrs. Swan and Mrs. Duliba, who provide a source of support for students. Students should be encouraged to use an assignment pad, ask questions, and seek help from their teachers.  The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a means of communication.  
    In grades 9 and 10, Mrs. Swan and Mrs. Duliba continue to work with various internet sources for career and college research.  The counselors review academic performance with students and/or parents to ensure continuity and support in Falconer's counseling services to help students strengthen academic areas and plan for the future.
    The focus for grades 11 and 12 is to review high school plans, to ensure graduation and post-graduate options for the student.  This includes providing guidance for college admission tests. The counselors also help the student with college and career counseling and financial aid, as well as information about the military, and/or employment.
    Counselors can be contacted to review the student's schedule and graduation plan.

    Elementary Counseling Services

    Ms. Dea Voorhis MS Ed.


     Temple Office: 716-267-3255 ext. 5150
    Fenner Office:  716-665-6627 ext. 3124


    The elementary school counselor is responsible for working with students from kindergarten to 5th grade. She provides education, prevention and intervention services that promote the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for academic, career and social/emotional development. The counselor collaborates with school staff, administration, community members and families to work to remove barriers to learning for all students. Services include, but are not limited to:

    • Short-term individual counseling
    • Psychoeducational small group counseling
    • Consultation with parents, educators, and community agencies
    • Referrals to school and community resources for additional assistance

    Students K-5 are taught foundational social/emotional skills through the evidence-based Second Step Program throughout the year. The counselor provides further skill practice and guidance on these skills in small groups as needed. Individual counseling is available to all students who are experiencing heightened stress, a time of transition, or a significant change that is impacting their academic success. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns with their teacher, but may also contact the counselor directly for consultation at any time.

    Elementary School Counseling Webpage

    Behavioral Specialist  

    Mrs. Kayleigh Sieber

    716-665-6624 ext.  4231


    Social Worker Services 

    Ms. Kathryn Freeman, LMSW

    716-665-6624 ext.  4226
    The school social worker provides continuous and therapeutic counseling for students and serves as a link between family and community resources. Counseling is provided to students upon request. Referrals to the school social worker can be made by each of the grade level counselors, in conjunction with the administrative staff.  Services include but are not limited to:
    • Individual and group counseling
    • Attendance at CSE and 504 plan meetings
    • Collaborating with school psychologist
    • Assisting with home visits
    • 2nd Steps Social/Emotional Curriculum

      Counseling Center Secretary

    Miss Sarah Seaholm

    Grades 6-12 Secretary
      716-665-6624 #2, #1