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    Counseling Center Goals

    The primary objective of the Falconer Middle/High School Counseling Center Office is to assist all students in their educational process to reach their fullest potential through planned programs that support the education of our entire student body. Programs are tailored to maximize students' personal, academic, social, and career potential. The Counseling Center serves all students and shall include advisory assistance and counseling in regard to the academic curriculum, career plans, attendance, and behavioral/emotional concerns. Through the guidance program and effective counseling relationships, students learn to take responsibility for decision-making, educational progress, career planning, and personal and social development. 

    Counseling Center Secretary

    Grades 6-12 Secretary
    716-665-6624 options #2 & #1

    Grades 6 - 7

    Mrs. Krista Odell, M.S.Ed.

     716-665-6624 options #2 & #4

    Grades 8 - 9

    Miss Mackenzie Wright, M.S.Ed.

    email: mwright@falconerschools.org  

    716-665-6624 option #2

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    Grades 10 - 12

    Mrs. Tara Warren, M.S.Ed.

    Last Names A - J
     716-665-6624 options #2 & #2

    Mrs. Casey Barber, M.S.Ed.

    Last Names K - Z
    716-665-6624 options #2 & #3


    Behavioral Specialist  

    Mrs. Kayleigh Sieber


    Social Worker Services 

    Ms. Kathryn Freeman, LMSW (6-12)