• Falconer Central School District School Safety Advisor Program

    School Safety Advisor (SSA)


    School Safety Advisor (SSA) will perform duties involving the planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of the District Safety program. The SSA will advise, educate, and mentor students, faculty, and staff on established policies, procedures, and regulations related to safety, abuse and violence prevention. Work is performed under the general direction of the District Administrator with wide leeway for the exercise of independent judgment. Does related work as required.


    The SSA serves as a teacher, counselor, role model, and advocate for students, families, faculty, and staff. The SSA is not the school disciplinarian, nor does he/she supplant any other staff function. He/she brings full service, personalized security to an important segment of our community. With a full-time presence in schools, SSA is easily recognized and approachable for students.


    In the classroom, the SSA presents classes on topics such as the history of law enforcement, search and seizure, constitutional rights, criminal law, and drug abuse.  The SSA’s duties extend far beyond the classroom and normal work day. The SSA participates in faculty meetings, club projects, student social functions, and sporting events.


    The ultimate goal of an SSA program is to maintain and improve the safety of the learning environment in our schools through the reduction and prevention of school violence and drug abuse. The School Safety Advisor is armed and will be recognizable with “Safety Advisor” on the back of the shirts and coats that are worn. While the primary focus is prevention and deterrence, the SSA conducts all criminal investigations on campus, coordinating his/her activities with the building administrator. Although under the direct supervision of the Administration, the SSA is considered a member of the school faculty and, as such, works closely with the principals to determine the best course of action.



      • Coordinates all safety trainings, education materials and provides guidance in promoting awareness on a variety of safety, abuse, and violence issues and promotes prevention programs.
      • Conducts workshops and provides leadership to the students, parents, and faculty addressing tobacco, alcohol, other drug issues, gang activity, violence diffusion and prevention, crime prevention and safety issues in the school community;
      • Researches state and federal regulations and relates the information to work practices and advises management of regulatory changes;
      • Prepares and disseminates information on topics of health, safety, toxic substances, emergency planning, fire prevention, and building code requirements;
      • Reviews, updates and makes recommendations for modification of existing health, safety, and environmental programs;
      • Attends meetings, workshops, seminars, and training programs as necessary to maintain certifications, knowledge level, and skills;
      • Assists with and identifies at-risk students and makes home visits as needed;
      • Provide consultation and assistance for all safety-related drills, inspections, crisis response plans and in providing security for all occupants of school building and grounds;
      • Assists in accident and incident investigation and mental health evaluations/interventions as needed with outside agencies;
      • Coordinates and participates in required inspections, surveillance, parking lot safety, and traffic control and attends events as needed;
      • Prepares reports and conducts special projects as assigned.