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     Here you will fine a lot of valuable information needed for you to have a successful year!  Please use this site to easily access information related to your students' learning.  Fifth grade is an exciting year in which we foster independence and responsibility as we prepare your child for Middle School.  We are looking forward to a great school year and hope you will find this site useful for all of your child's education

    Learning is fun in Fifth Grade!
    What's currently happening in Fifth Grade?  
    ELA:  We are excited about our new ELA Unit!  Students are going to be learning about new or improved technologies that have been developed to meed societal needs and how those inventions have changed people's lives.  They will work on authentic research tasks to build their own knowledge and teach others through writing.  In Unit 1, students will be reading a graphic novel, Investigating the Scientific Method with Max Axiom.  They will look at several informational articles about various inventions and develop an understanding of how these inventions changed people's lives.  They will also get the chance to write their own opinion pieces, write informative essays, and will even write their own graphic novelette!  Students will also explore one of their favorite topics, TV by reading about Philo Farnsworth, the boy who wanted to change people's lives by inventing the television.  It's an exciting time in ELA!  We hope to keep your child, informed as well as entertained as we travel through this imaginative unit! 
    Math:  We have made it to Module 3 in math.  In Module 1 our students explored relationships using a place value chart, explored relationships with decimals, used whole number algorithms to solve problems using decimals, and dove deeper into solving multi-step word problems.  In Module 2, we applied what they learned to patterns of the base ten system, utilizing mental math strategies, and working with multiplication and division.  In Module 3, students' will further develop their understanding of addition and subtraction using fractions!  They will learn and work with various topics in fractions from equivalency, comparing, adding, subtracting, learning new terminology, and much much more.  This unit is sure to expand your child's knowledge of fraction sense in an informative and fun way! 
    Intervention groups are going strong!  This dedicated time allows us to target your child's specific strengths or deficits in both ELA and Math.  This instruction takes place 1/2 hour each day.  A data team comprised of teachers and administrators reviewed data and work together to determine what skill area your child would benefit most from. Intervention groups also allow students to move to other classrooms, see their friends they don't normally see during the day, and receive quality instruction targeting specific skills.    
    Fifth Grade is a buzz with activity!  We will continue to keep you posted as to what we are working on!  

    Supply List

    • 1 One Package of Dry Erase Markers - Expo - 4 Color Set
    • 1  Dry Eraser
    • 1  3 Pack of Pink Erasers
    • 1  Folder – Plastic or Paper with Pocket - Blue
    • 1  Folder - Plastic of Paper with  Pocket - Green
    • 1  Folder – Plastic or Paper with Pocket - Red
    • 1  Folder - Plastic or Paper with  Pocket - Yellow
    • 1  Pack of Glue Sticks
    • 1  Bottle of Hand Santitizer - Dispensing Pump
    • 1  Highlighter of Each Color- Yellow, Blue, Pink
    • 4  Notebooks - 1 Subject Wide Ruled (Blue, Green, Red, & Yellow)
    • 2  Filler Paper- Wide Ruled
    • 2  Packages of #2 Pencils
    • 1 Box of Colored Pencils- Assorted Colors
    • 2  Boxes of Kleenex


    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child's classroom teacher by email.


    Ms. Tracey Barron:  tbarron@falconerschools.org

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    Ms. Krista Lennertz: klennertz@falconerschools.org

    Mrs. Carrie Roth:  croth@falconerschools.org

    Miss Mackenzie Stevenson:  mstevenson@falconerschools.org

    Ms. Sandra Valvo:  svalvo@falconerschools.org

    You can also call the school at 716-665-6627