• Important Information from Mrs. Collins


    I’m so happy to have your child this year. We are going to have a super year. In order to make the first few weeks run more smoothly for all of us, I have made a list of important information. Please read everything.  

     Please let me know if your child has any food allergies. I need to know this in case we cook in the classroom, birthday treats, etc. I also need to know if your child is allergic to bees (or anything else outdoors). We will be going outside a lot during the fall and spring.

     Please look for the take home folder in your child’s backpack the first day of school (PTO has provided them). Each day, as soon as the children come into the classroom, they must check their folders for notes, etc. They need to place any lunch money, bus notes, excuses, etc. into my basket (by the door). The folder will be an important home/school connection. Please check it daily in case I send home notes, homework, or other important papers. With families’ very busy schedules, this is one quick, easy way to keep constant communication. I will also be using Class Dojo as a way to communicate. At first, I will only use it as a communication tool and then when I feel the students need a change in our behavior system, we will use Dojo for that as well.

     If you are going to pick your child up from school, please send a note or call before 10:00 a.m., so I do not plan to put your child on the bus. The sign out sheet is at the office. At the end of the day, the secretary will announce all the names of the children being picked up. The children then walk to the office to meet their parent. If you plan to have someone else pick up your child, you must send a note.

    **Children will not be dismissed until 3:15p.m.

     Our room # is 158. It is in the 1st pod. As you walk into the pod, we are the second classroom on the left. For security reasons, anytime you enter the building please use the office door (on Cemetery Street near the flagpole) and sign in at the window.

     As of today, we have 16 students in our classroom. There are 8 boys and 8 girls. This is good to know for birthday treats, etc.

     Breakfast will begin the first day of school. Please let me know through a note if your child is going to be eating breakfast the first day. This way there is no confusion. I will send home a form the first day of school-asking if your child is/is not having breakfast in school. This form will help me to keep track of children who should and shouldn’t be going down to the cafeteria throughout the year. The money needs to be placed in an envelope (separate from a lunch envelope) and labeled with: name, breakfast, and total $. Please put the envelope in your child’s folder so he/she can find it.

     Lunches should be in a box or a bag with the name on the outside. If your child is buying, please send the money in an envelope with his/her name and “lunch” labeled on it. If it is for ice cream, write that on the envelope. If you prefer, you can send in extra money for your child’s account. When the account runs low, you will receive a notice. If you choose to do it that way, please let me know if your child is allowed to go to breakfast or buy snacks. Please go over the menu with your child so he/she is aware of what is for lunch. (Our lunch is from 11:05-11:35) Since we do have an early lunch, we will have snack at the end of the day. Please send in a daily, healthy snack. No drinks, unless it is a water bottle.

     You are welcome to send in a birthday treat for the class on your child’s birthday. I strongly encourage the treats to be store bought rather than homemade. Please do not send party invitations to school unless the entire class is invited (feelings can get easily hurt).

     If you ever need to contact me, feel free to call the school and leave a message for me, write me a note and put it into your child’s folder, message me on Class Dojo, or email me. jcollins@falconercsd.org  I check my email throughout the day. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


     Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about anything. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!!!   


    Thank You!

    Jenn Collins