• Middle School Quiz Bowl


    What is it?

    The Middle School Quiz Bowl is a team of students who compete against other schools with Jeopardy type questions. Ms. Lundgren and Mr. Bailey are your advisors. Competitions are held weekly starting the first week of January and extend through the end of March. In order to prepare for competitions, practices begin in December, and continue once a week through the last match. Practices will be announced and held during ninth period.  Matches are held after school in the distance learning room until 4:30.

    What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events..."?
    A: The Declaration of Independence.

    What current branch of the U.S. military was a corps of only 50 soldiers when World War I broke out?
    A: The U.S. Air Force.

    Who said: "I'm the president of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli"?
    A: George Bush.

    What so-called "war" spawned the dueling slogans "Better Dead Than RED" and "Better Red Than Dead" in the 1950's?
    A: The Cold War.

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