•   Welcome to Math Club!

    The purpose for math club is to have fun with mathematics! We certainly fulfill that purpose at every meeting!
    Some of the activities Math Club participates in are:

    The Fredonia Challenge


    Each May, SUNY Fredonia hosts arguably the greatest math and science challenge in the galaxy.  2015 marks our eighth year of attendance, and we are preparing to show up in a big way. We aim to build upon the excellence that we started years ago and bring home even more trophies this comin


    Golden Ratio


    Are you sexy and you know it?  Can you prove it?

    The following link will help you determine whether or not you have a "golden face":


    This next link will lead you on a journey of the various places the golden ratio appears in nature, art, engineering and many more contexts:


    Finally, from the designers of the wonderful world of Wolfram... a formal definition and some technical stuff:



    Pi Day

    Each year, special activities are prepared for Pi Day, March 15th (3/15).  Be sure you get a chance to participate!

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