• There may be a time when you have a question regarding your student, his or her teacher, or just a procedural question about what to do. We have developed a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that parents and district residents may deem helpful. These and other questions are included in the Student/Parent Handbook.
    What do I do if my child needs to be released from school early?
    Early dismissals - students who will be dismissed during the day for previously arranged reasons such as a doctor's appointment will follow these procedures:
    A.  Bring a note from home stating:
    1. Student's full name.
    2. Name of parent or guardian requesting early dismissal.
    3. A phone number where parents/ guardians can be contacted.
    4. Date and time for dismissal.
    5. Reason for dismissal
    6. Estimated length of absence.
    7. If applicable, permission for students to drive to the appointment or walk home.


    B.  Present a note to the office secretary when arriving at school.
    C.  Parent/guardian will sign the student out at the Security Office at the time of dismissal. (Note: if
           picking up an ill student, the parent/guardian will sign the student out at the Nurses' Office)
    What do I do if my child needs to take prescribed medication?
    Sometimes it becomes necessary for students to take medication during school hours. School nurses will cooperate with physicians and parents in dispensing required medication. Parents are asked to follow these procedures*:
    Obtain a written order from your physician listing:
    1. Name of student
    2. Name of medication
    3. Reason for administration
    4. Dosage and time the medication is to be given
    5. Physician's signature


    *This procedure includes aspirin and all other non-prescription medication.

    • A written request from the parent to administer medication
    • Leave the medication in its original container. (Section #3345 of the Public Health Law makes it "an offense for prescription drugs to be in anything other than the original container")
    • Bring the medicine and instructions to the school nurse.


    What happens if my child needs to stay after school?
    There will be times when your child may be required to stay after school for either academic or disciplinary reasons. The student should notify their parents/guardians in order to make transportation arrangements. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher or administrator assigning the extended day.
    How would I contact my child's teacher?
    Middle school teachers may be contacted during the day during their team meeting time. All teachers are accessible through email at any time (first initial last name @falconerschools.org) (no spaces).  You may leave a telephone message for a teacher through the school operator. They will forward the caller to the teacher's voicemail. Teachers must not be interrupted during their teaching time.
    What do I do if my child needs to ride a different bus?
    Students who need to take a different bus home from school must present a written note from the parent to the office secretary. It is helpful if the student brings two notes, one for the office and one for the bus driver.
    What do I do if my child needs working papers?
    Students requesting working papers can pick up the application form in the office. The student must have had a physical within the past year and it must be documented on the physical form. Completed forms should be returned to the main office and the designated person will complete the appropriate work permit. Forms should be returned in a timely manner and not at the last minute if it can be avoided.
    What do I do if our family is going out of town?
    At least one week prior to the event, the student must pick up a "Special Leave Form" from the office. The student is responsible for getting teacher's signatures and assignments recorded on the sheet and also attaching a written note from the parents as to the circumstances of the absence.  The form must be signed by the student's guidance counselor. The completed form must be returned to the office before the first day of absence.
    What do I do if I need to get a message to my child?
    Messages for students during the school day must be restricted to emergency situations. A telephone is available to students for non-emergency calls in the office. 
    How can I tell if the school will be closed for the day?
    Parents will be notified via the SchoolMessenger system. If Falconer Central School is closed for any reason, (ie. inclement weather or other reason), check with your local radio station (WWSE, WJTN, WKSN, WHUG) or television stations (Buffalo - WGRZ, WIVB, or WKBW).
    Unscheduled early closings due to equipment failure or weather may also be necessary. Each child should know where to go if an emergency arises and school is dismissed early and parents are not at home.  WE CAN NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS AS ALL LINES MUST BE KEPT OPEN.  ALSO, IF WE LOSE OUR ELECTRICITY, WE WILL LOSE THE USE OF OUR PHONE LINES.