• Transportation Letter to Parents



    To Parents and Guardians:

    It is necessary for parents and guardians to support school safety rules and help their youngster to abide by them for their own safety as well as for the safety of others.

    Student management on the school bus is probably the biggest problem facing school bus drivers today. As in the classroom, student management on the bus is an important issue. school busThere are, however, some differences. Unlike the classroom teacher, the school bus driver has her/his back to the students. Unlike the classroom teacher who has 20-30 students, the bus driver has 50-60 students. A bus driver must control thousands of pounds of steel, glass and rubber as she/he drives through traffic in varying road conditions. The school bus driver is constantly aware that a single lapse in concentration could result in a serious accident and possible injury or death to students on board the bus or to persons off the bus. To avoid distractions, it is imperative that the students be in control at all times.

    It is essential to communicate to students the importance of good behavior on the bus.

    It is imperative that students hear this from parents and teachers as well as the transportation department staff.

    Parents are encouraged to do the following:

    • Stress the importance of remaining seated and reasonably quiet while the bus is in motion.
    • Stress the importance of following the directions of the bus driver.
    • Advise their students that Red Flashing lights cannot stop oncoming vehicles.  Students must take    direction from the bus driver as well as look one more time before crossing the roadway.
    • Reinforce their student be at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.
    • Escort Kindergarten students to and from the bus stop.
    • Discuss safety hazards involved in throwing anything out of window or in putting any part of their body out of the window.
    • Support the district's policies and procedures as they are established to ensure student safety.

    Positive communication is also necessary to operate the transportation system. Parents need to communicate with the department staff and the drivers need to speak with parents if there are questions or behavior management problems. Parents need to let the transportation department know if there is a problem or perceived problem by identifying the day that it happened and the bus#. Also, bus drivers need to know if students have any medical problems that may need to be addressed while on the bus or personality conflicts with other students so that seating can be assigned. Parents, teachers and the transportation staff must all set a positive example for our students.


    It is the student’s responsibility to:

    1. Obey the driver at all times
    2. Board the bus promptly
    3. Talk in a normal tone of voice
    4. Keep hands to themselves
    5. Stay in their seat facing forward while the bus is in motion
    6. Use appropriate language
    7. Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus
    8. Refrain from defacing the bus
    9. Place all carry-on items on one's lap
    10. Allow three people to sit in each seat