• Transportation Frequently Asked Questions


    What time should my child be ready to be picked up by the school bus?

    Each child should be at his or her bus stop five minutes before the bus is expected. (At the beginning of the school year, when bus routes are being fine-tuned, please allow ten minutes.) For most students, the bus stop is at the end of the driveway. Within the Villages and on some roads that cannot accommodate the buses, group bus stops are designated. When the bus arrives, the child should already be waiting at the designated bus stop. Drivers do not blow the horn to alert families that they have arrived; and children are not to wait on the porch or near the house.


    I am concerned about safety and the behavior of students on the bus. How is discipline handled?

    Rules for bus safety are published in the student handbooks and on the district website, Bus safety rules are also taught in the classroom. In addition, emergency bus evacuation drills are held each year. Bus drivers are trained to recognize signs of bullying, and Falconer Central School buses are “Bully-Free” zones.

    Conduct reports are written when students do not follow rules, with follow-up by each school principal. Consequences for inappropriate behavior may lead to various disciplinary actions, up to and including suspension of bus-riding privileges.


    What about traffic safety?

    A system of maintenance and repair keeps buses in the best possible condition. Ongoing training is provided regularly for all drivers. However, for safety's sake, drivers of other vehicles must know and obey the traffic rules. This includes stopping — and not passing the bus! — when a bus displays its flashing red lights.


    Is the district hiring school bus drivers? How can I apply for a bus driving job?

    Substitute bus drivers are always needed. On the occasions when additional drivers are needed for regular bus runs, they are usually hired from among the substitutes.

    Credentials required include a CDL Class B license with air brake and passenger endorsements. Or, if you possess a clean, valid NYS driver's license, the district will consider training you. For more information, contact the Supervisor at the Transportation Department.