•  Medical Equipment and Devices in the School Setting

    Medical Equipment and devices require a prescription, just like medications, from a medical provider licensed to practice medicine in New York State. Additionally, medical equipment that is not properly selected for the medical condition and measured to fit the individual can actually cause more harm than good.  In the school setting, when a child is using medical equipment of devices, they might require additional assistance, such as but not limited to:
    • Access to an elevator
    • Additional passing time between classes
    • Assistance from a peer to carry a backpack
    • An extra set of books at home so as not to have to carry a backpack
    • Modified physical education
    • Planned rests during the day
    • Pain medication in the health office
    Accordingly, the District required that any child who needs the use of any sort of medical equipment or devices, including but not limited to, braces, splints, crutches, or wheelchairs must have a physician's or medical provider's order, as well as parent permission for use in school.