• When and why do students and staff go into Lockdown, Hold-in-Place, or Evacuate?


    1. Lockdown:
      • Lockdown takes place when an internal or external threat is identified in the school building.

    1. Hold-In-Place:
      • Hold-in-Place occurs when an event takes place and we want to keep students and staff in their current location.
      • Attendance is taken and the hallways are cleared. Hold-in-Place may be used throughout the school year for non-emergent situations.

    1. Evacuation:
      • In the event of a certain building or community emergency, students and staff will be evacuated to a designated evacuation assembly area. Attendance will be taken. 
      • Students will only be released to a parent or guardian who presents photo identification. Parents will be notified of the evacuation area through the school messaging system.

    You will find NYS School Emergency Planning and Response Information at New York State Center for School Health