• To: Falconer Community

    Re: Robert Carpenter Board of Education Dedication

    Date: July 5, 2022

    Robert Carpenter has served with honor on the Falconer Board of Education for over 40 years. Bob started his Board career in 1980 and was recently re-elected to the BOE in May for another 5-year term. For much of Bob's career, he was elected by his fellow Board members to serve as President and Vice President. His knowledge of contracts and finance has helped lead this District through many challenging times. His calm and thoughtful approach to many difficult concerns has been appreciated by the current and past leadership and staff of our District.  Bob has also served on the Erie 2 BOCES Board of Education for the last few years. On behalf of the Falconer Central School District, as well as the current and past Boards of Education, we would like to thank Bob for his leadership, dedication, fiscal responsibility, and willingness to serve our school! We'd also like to thank Bob's wife, Debbie, daughter Sarah, son Michael, and all of his grandchildren for sharing him with us.  Bob has always said that serving on the board is his hobby! We're extremely fortunate to have had his leadership and support during this distinguished career. To show our thanks and gratitude, the room in which we're meeting tonight will be known from this point on as the "Robert Carpenter Board of Education Room"! Congratulations, and once again, we thank Bob for his willingness to serve this great community!

Boardroom named in honor of over 40 years of service to the Falconer Central School Board of Education