• Chautauqua Region Community Foundation

    Falconer Central School has established a partnership with the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation.  This partnership enables FCS to establish non-endowment and endowment funds to benefit projects under the scope of the Falconer Central School District.

    The benefits of establishing these two separate funds allow:
    • Falconer Central School Non-Endowment Fund -- Monies donated to this type of fund are not invested in CRCF's investment pool, however, tax deductions on gifts are received.  The main benefit of this type of fund is that it provides liquid capital for potential projects and programs that will assist educational goals in the district.
    • Falconer Central School Endowment Fund -- This type of fund allows the district to develop a plan to address long-term educational needs.  While monies donated to an endowment fund are not liquid, they are invested and are tax-deductible, with a percentage granted back to the district each year.  This type of fund grows over time.
    Furthermore, a partnership with CRCF provides Falconer Central School with expertise and benefits in the areas of professional investment management, tax return filings, administrative services, regular financial reports, labor savings, and public accountability through CRCF's annual financial audit.
    Anyone wishing to donate to either of these funds may do so by contacting the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation at 716-661-3390 or the Falconer Central School Superintendent's office at 716-665-6624 extension 4101.