• Music  
    Girls Chorus (Grades 9 & 10)
    Credit:  .5    Unit High School      Length:  40 Weeks
    Mixed Chorus is a vocal group meeting on alternating days which focuses on three-part arrangements in preparation for school concerts.  Sight reading and vocal performance skills are developed.  Membership is by audition.  Upperclassmen can add this course as an elective.  This fulfills the Art/Music requirements if taken for two years.
    Senior Choir 
    Credit:  .5    Unit High School      Length:  40 Weeks
    Senior Choir is a vocal group which meets on alternating days.  This group prepares for concert performances of four-part arrangements.  Students will participate in concerts, festivals, and workshops.  This group develops sight reading and vocal performance skills.  Membership is by audition.  A select chorus is formed from this group.  Select chorus performs many community concerts.  This fulfills the Art/Music requirements if taken for two years.
    Senior Band (Grades 9-12)
    Credit:  .5    Unit High School      Length:  40 Weeks
    Senior Band advances the ability to perform band literature of a variety of styles.  Students will develop a repertoire over a large range of band literature.  One period, alternating days, is assigned to develop the organization.  This organization performs in concert and participates in festival, community and exchange concerts.  This fulfills the Art/Music requirement if taken for two years.
    Class Instrument Lessons
    Class Instrument Lessons are given on a weekly basis during school time to develop an individual's musical skills on their instrument.
    Comprehensive Foundations of Music I & II 
    Credit:  1    Unit High School         Length:  40 Weeks
    Comprehensive Foundations of Music I & II can be used for music concentration.  Each is a full year course available to students in grades 9 - 12, who have at least a basic knowledge of music reading and are interested in studying music in depth.  The class develops more advanced written and listening skills in music theory and studies music history from the Gregorian period through today's styles of music.  Students also learn music composition and ways music and the student interact in everyday life.  This class if for students who have serious interest in music and/or students who may want to pursue a career in music.  It will use many hands-on experiences, small group work, and projects such as careers in music, history of rock and roll, and current events in music.  Students will also learn to play recreational instruments, develop basic music skills and learn how music can be a part of their lives.