• Art
    Studio Art 
    Credit:  1  Unit High School                                  Length:  40 Weeks
    This is a full year, comprehensive-foundation course designed to meet the needs of those student who want to broaden their general education by increasing their understanding and appreciation of the visual arts, strengthen their artistic/self-expression skills, and satisfy the prerequisite nature of this course so as to be able to take any further art course offerings during high school.  Instruction is based on an assigned textbook (ARTTALK) involving detailed information on the elements and principals of design, aesthetics, related projects, careers in art, art criticism, and art  history.  This course of study is also supplemented with a special field trip to a noteworthy museum.  Standards for Art Education are applied. This course satisfies the one credit art/music graduation requirement. 
    Arts & Crafts
    Credit: .5 Unit High School                                  Length: 20 Weeks
    This semester long course will be a study in traditional crafting techniques and applications. Skills such as leather working, basketry, and jewelry making will be taught.
    Credit:  .5  Unit High School                                Length:  20 Weeks
    This course meets daily for 20 weeks. We Will be exploring various hand building techniques such as the pinch-pot method, and slab building and coil building construction. Utilization of the potter's wheel will also be employed. We will round out this course by employing surface decorations and glaze application.
    Computer Graphics & Design 
    Credit:  1  Unit High School                                  Length:  40 Weeks
    This course is devoted to learning and executing a variety of programs used in the advertising and design business.  We will primarily work with programs such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  The student will be responsible for completing basic design projects relating to these programs such as photo retouching, layering photos to make a new image, and product and business design, advertising and illustration. During the second semester, students will take their creative skills to a higher level. Students will primary work with IMovie while creating individual and group-videos. Using their knowledge of these programs, and advanced student will create a variety of complex design projects.The finished design projects will be added to their portfolio.
    Drawing & Painting
    Credit:  1 Unit High School                                   Length:  40 Weeks
    This course will explore different techniques with an emphasis on creativity and the elements of design.  All basic techniques and materials are covered in a sequence that becomes progressively challenging as the year advances.  We will work with acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media and tempera paint.  We will also be working on traditional subject matter as well as abstract.
    Credit:  .5  Unit High School                                  Length:  20 Weeks
    The first 10 weeks of this course will address traditional black and white photography.  The development of film and prints with stress on accurate photographic technique and procedure will be studied.  The second 10 weeks of the course will focus on digital photography. Adobe photoshop will be used to edit photos while allowing room for creative expression. 
    Advanced Art 
    Credit:  1  Unit High School                                   Length:  40 Weeks
    This is a full year, one credit course developed to enhance and expand the experience of the serious-minded art student.  This course will allow the art student to explore new techniques and follow creative and innovative ideas.  Photography, painting, and graphics are some of the possibilities of the course.  A project will be required at the end of each quarter.  This course is an elective course and should be strictly for the self-motivated student artist.  Number and selection of students is determined by space availability and discretion of the instructor.