• Health & Physical Education
    Senior High Health
    Credit: .5 Unit High School                              Length:  20 Weeks
    This is a one semester course which is required to be taken once during grades 9-12.  It is intensive and comprehensive in scope.  The course includes the development of a thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of healthful living.  Along with this will be units of study on diseases and their prevention (including STD's and AIDS), development of good nutritional and mental health practices, stress management, and the dangers of drug-alcohol-tobacco use.  The course also involves the RED CROSS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM FOR COMMUNITY CPR.

    Lifelong Fitness
    Credit: .5  Unit High School                              Length:  20 Weeks
    This elective class will count as half of a high school credit.  The content of the class will require proficiency in all 3 learning domains; psycho-motor, cognitive, and affective.  Advanced training techniques, balanced/agility skills, and cooperative education activities will encompass the majority of the curriculum.  Pre and Post assessments for student progress will be included.  The integration of technology for a cumulative end of year project will be mandatory to receive credit for this class.  This elective will also require classroom seat time to complete necessary assignments.  Students should be aware this class involves intense physical exertion.


    Physical Education
    Credit:  .5 Unit High School                              Length:  40 Weeks
    Physical Education is a mandatory course at all grade levels with 1/2 credit earned each year in grades 9-12.   Course content includes units dealing  with:   
    • Physical fitness testing and fitness program, including aerobics and weight room, and circuit training.
    • Acquisition of knowledge and development of skills involved in team sports such as volleyball, soccer, football, softball, and basketball during early high school
    • Individual skills development in track and field, dance, and gymnastics.
    • Team building and cooperative activities involving problem solving
    • Developing skills and knowledge in selective units in life-time sports such as racquetball, tennis, golf, cross-country skiing, archery, and dance later in high school
    • Ongoing development in weight training. (i.e. circuit training, free weights, select drive machines)