• The Business Office personnel are responsible for maintaining the fiscal operations of the District, which includes development of the budget within the guidelines set forth by the Board of Education and its various contractual obligations, allocation of financial resources in accordance with the budget, administration of Federal Grant funds, and facilitation of human resource functions.



    Business Manager


    Sara Kennison

    Phone: 716-665-6624

    email: skennison@falconerschools.org


    District Treasurer


    Susan Benson

    Phone: 716-665-6624

    email: SBenson@falconerschools.org


    Accounts Receivable


    Nancy Sandbloom

    Phone: 716-665-6624

    email: NSandbloom@falconerschools.org


    Accounts Payable


    Kathleen Cooley

    Phone: 716-665-6624

    email: KCooley@falconerschools.org