Updated COVID-19 School Closure Information

Good afternoon,

We would like to provide the following updates to our Falconer Community:

School Closure Extended:

  • Governor Cuomo announced May 1st that New York State schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year. We’ll continue to provide meal pick-up/delivery and continue with our instructional plan until the NYS Department of Education and Governor’s office determine the end of the academic school year

Meal Delivery and Pick-up:

  • Meals will continue to be picked-up/delivered on M-W-F through the academic year.
  • Meal distribution changes:
    • 5/22/20 (Two meals for 5/22 and 5/25/20)
    • Week of 5/25/20-5/29/20
      • Tuesday 5/26 (Two meals) and Thursday 5/28 (Two meals)
    • Please contact us to sign-up for our meal program at homedelivery@falconerschools.org

 Instructional Process:

  • Goals for Learning During Extended Closure
    • Priority will be focusing on standards that are foundational for future learning.
    • The curriculum will be pared down, providing students exposure to and instruction in the most important standards.
    • Students should maintain academic habits and thinking skills.
    • During the remainder of the academic year, teachers will work to sustain the student-parent-teacher relationship to the greatest extent possible.
  • For Technical support: email ITsupport@falconerschools.org or call 665-6624 x 4153 between 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.   Other  questions/concerns: 665-6624     

Last Marking Period Grading During Extended Closure:

  • Students will be graded on a Pass with Mastery, Pass, Fail, or Incomplete scale
  • Pass with Mastery = Evidence of learning.  The student has demonstrated mastery learning of the essential curriculum based on what was taught and assigned.
  • Pass = Evidence of learning.  The student has demonstrated learning of the essential curriculum based on what was taught and assigned.
  • Incomplete = Not yet learned.  The student has not completed the assignments. 
  • Fail = Student has not demonstrated learning of the essential curriculum.  The student will be given the opportunity to redo and resubmit work to demonstrate learning.

 Parent Has Materials to Drop off:

  • Staff member greeting parents will ask if they have materials to drop off.  Staff will put the bag in the grade level bin.
  • Work should be in a bag labeled with Name, Grade Level, and Teacher.

 Follow COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Wear the provided plastic gloves.
  • Maintain social distancing.

 MS/HS Students Pick-Up and Work Drop Off:

  • We're planning a window for parents to drop-off student work and to give them locker items on Wednesday, May 20th and Thursday May 21st from 10am-5pm
  • Parents will be getting a notification to bag up the student work and bring it to the parking lot outside the gym.  We'll collect the returned work and bring the locker items to their vehicle.  The returned materials will stay in quarantine for a period of time. 


  • We’re reviewing and planning for all of the possible graduation options to provide our Seniors with the best possible experience. Duliba, Ms. Swan and Mr. Jordan are working closely with our Seniors to get their thoughts and ideas.  The current NYS “Pause Order” will continue to determine what option we will have to use.

District Budget Vote and NOTICE to Prospective BOARD OF EDUCATION Candidates:

  • Interested persons eligible for election to the Board of Education of the Falconer Central School District may file the attached prospective board candidate information sheet with the District Clerk, Brent Agett by 5:00 PM, May 11, 2020 to be included on the ballot of the June 9, 2020 election.
  • To be eligible, a candidate must be:
    • able to read and write
    • a citizen of the United States
    • at least 18 years of age
    • a continuous resident of the District for at least one year
    • Signatures ARE NOT required for the 20/21 fiscal year petition.

 2020 Census

  • By now you should have received, by mail, the 2020 Census packet.  Completion of the Census is required by every family in NYS.  It is important, as it supports Head Start, Child Care, the School Lunch Program, WIC, Medicaid, and many other programs we use.  Please complete the census so your family counts and your community gets the funds it should have.  

 We will, of course, keep you apprised of all developments as they occur.  Please stay safe!



Mrs. Roach
Mrs. Widen
Mrs. Hannon
Mr. Jordan
Mr. English
Mr. Gilbert
Mr. Penhollow