Dear Falconer Families,

Please know that the health and safety of our students, staff and community will continue to be a priority in all decisions. Falconer Central Schools will be closed for students until further notice.  This also means student activities are canceled, including athletics and extracurricular activities. We have been planning for sometime in preparation for the possibility of an extended closure for our students.
To ensure that children and families have access to as many of the resources to which you have grown accustomed, we have enacted a number of Continuity of Service Plans that include the following initial steps:

· We have a plan for our educators to engage children in thinking and learning during the time period that we are closed.
· We have investigated a plan for an Alternative School Meal Program for all interested students who may want/need Breakfast and/or Lunch.
· We have a plan to remain in contact with and to support our students who are most reliant on the emotional health supports that our schools provide.
· We have a plan to continue to sanitize each of our schools and buses so that they are ready to safely welcome students and staff back when this public health crisis ends.

Despite our physical separation from your children, we will do all we can to remain present in their lives and to fulfill our district’s mission. Specific details of the plans outlined above will be coming in the near future.  Please continue to check your email, the district website, and district social media for further communications.