• Tips for Preparing for the Scholastic Fair

    Dear Parents,

    It is sometimes difficult to know how much help is appropriate when your child is preparing a project for the Scholastic Fair.  You might help with the initial idea development. But then what?  The following are some guidelines and suggestions for assisting your child.

    • Planning a schedule for completing the project
    • Finding information and materials
    • Finding a place to work
    • Identifying areas that need improvement or revision
    • Checking his/her progress (for content and appearance)

    Some examples of overdoing it include: typing, lettering, labeling,

    drawing, or actually doing the project for your child.

    When selecting the winning projects, the judges will consider the

    content, originality, attractiveness, and student knowledge of the subject matter.  All participants will receive a small prize for completing a project.  Awards will be given at each grade level, in addition to a Principal’s Choice Award.


    We hope you enjoy helping your child prepare his/her Scholastic Fair project.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Arrance, Mrs. Seeley or Mr. Voorhis at 665-6627.


    Thank You & Good Luck!