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    Ready for UPK?
    Are you wondering what to do to get your child ready for UPK?  Well, wonder no more!  There isn't a lot that we expect in September, but there are a few helpful things you can work on at home.  Please read the list below and if your child has never done them before, you may want to start working on them now.
     1. Sit with legs criss-cross applesauce with their bottom on the floor.  Make sure their feet are not propped up underneath their bottom. If your child isn't used to this, have them try it while watching their favorite TV show for 5-10 minutes at a time to start out with. We must sit  this way in school for a few different reasons.  First, it helps everybody to fit in an area that is in close proximity to the teacher so they can see and hear everything at an optimal level with minimal distractions.  Second, it is a safety precaution so that other children aren't getting kicked/bumped or fingers stepped on.
    2. Recognize the "please wait a minute finger." There will be many times, especially in September, when more than one person is trying to tell me something at the same time, adults and/or children alike.  If the children can recognize that when I hold up my index/pointer finger to them, it means to please wait until I'm done speaking with this person, preschool will be a happier place for everybody.   It's very hard to not interrupt when you are 3 or 4 years old, but it is something they will all need to learn quickly.
    3. Use the bathroom with the door closed.  A lot of young children do not close the door when they use the bathroom at home, and that is OK at home, but not at school.  The door does not lock, so there are no safety issues to worry about, however we do need teach them that what happens in the bathroom is private.  There is an aide in the room that will be near by if the children have a need for some assistance with snaps/zippers/buttons but that should be worked on at home as well please.
    open house

     Open house at Temple School will be  September, 5th 2019. 

     In the interest of keeping traffic to a reasonable amount in my classroom, please follow the suggested times below.  This way, all 40 families will be able to make the most of their time at Open House.

    AM class please come 5:00-5:30

    PM class please come 5:30-6:00 


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    Parent Orientation is Monday, September 9th. I look forward to seeing you and your little ones for an informational meeting and then a quick trip to the classroom! 


    First regular day of UPK classes for the children is Tuesday, September 10th 2019.