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    Fall into Third Grade!!
    Math - In math we have been working on multiplication.  We are building arrays to show facts.  Students will be counting by twos to twenty, threes to thirty and fours to forty.  
    We will be learning about tape diagrams.  A tape diagram is just an organized way of show the number of groups (this would be the number of boxes you draw in the "tape") and the size of the groups (the number of dots in each box). The students will be reading the problems closely and circling important information.  Then they will identify if it is the groups, size or total.  By taking the time to think over these questions carefully they will slowly develop a deeper understanding of how to solve them.  
     ELA - We will enjoy reading good stories very closely together.  We will be looking for the central message of stories, discussing character traits and motivations, vocabulary and grammar skills for each text. 
     The classes will be learning to create good answers to text questions.  The students will be guided to rewrite the questions as the beginning of their answer.  We will be using the term, "RAT" -restate  -answer  -two details,  to teach them importance of writing complete answers.  This is a very difficult skill for the kids to internalize so we will be doing lots of guided writing!!
Last Modified on August 29, 2018