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    Mrs. Tordella says,
    "Do you have the Math Curse?"

    Hi, I am the 6th grade math teacher. My goal this year is to take each student through the Common Core Grade 6 math curriculum and meet success along the way. 

    Much of life is about relationships.  I will foster a relationship between home and school and do my best to meet the needs of all students.
    What does success look like?   Well, it starts with giving your best effort each day.  
    • GRIT - Give, Resources, Independence, Teamwork.
    • The 3 Be's...Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe promote success.  
    • Being your best starts today!  
    Common Core Standards

                         Area and Surface Area (Geometry)  September 

                          Introducing Ratios October

                          Unit Rates and Percentages November and December

                                    Dividing fractions   January

                         Arithmetic in base ten (decimals)  February
                          Rational Numbers (Integers)   March

                         Expressions and Equations   April and May

                         Data Sets and Distributions  June