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         Hello my name is Mr. Wendel. I am currently the Elementary Physical Education Teacher at Paul B.D. Temple Elementary School.
         I would like to welcome everyone to what I know will be a new and exciting new school year.  I would ask parents if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the email provided at the bottom of the page.  
    I can...
        This is a new initiative that I will be incorporating into our daily activities and curriculum.  So many times over the last couple of years I hear too many students saying "I can't"  I have always told them that the correct response is "I can't,YET"  This is something that we are going to work harder on this year.  Even as adults we rate ourselves on whether or not we can do something, and are often discouraged when we unable to do something or reluctant to try. 
       I can tell you first hand I have had some great successes in my life, but one of the best is watching your sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews do something they haven't been able to do.  Once they accomplish a skill such as skipping or any of the other skills we work on, the look on their faces reminds you of Christmas morning. 
       This is something that we need to bring up, since it does occur throughout the school year. This year we have had a dramatic increase in the number of students who DO NOT have sneakers for Physical Education Class. After speaking to the all grade levels we have made the following changes.  STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO TO THE NURSE TO GET GYM SHOES IF THEY FORGET THEIR OWN.  As we build children to become more independent and hold them accountable, we feel this change will help ensure our students are prepared and ready for Physical Education Classes. Proper footwear is essential to provide for not only a fun activity, but a safe one as well.  I tell the kids, "if they're not on your feet, they're in your bag."  This refers to their sneakers.  I know with rising cost it is sometimes difficult to have two pair of shoes, so myself and the classroom teachers would like to remind them, that if they wear other shoes, or boots to school they need to change and put on their gym shoes in the morning, or the very least before gym class itself.  If your son or daughter forgets their shoes I will give them a new form we have implemented here at Temple Elementary.  The BEHAVIOR NOTICE is something we have begun to use here at Temple.  This not will list the reason why your son or daughter is receiving the notice.  You will need to sign the notice and return it with your child to school. With Phys ed time increased they will be in phys ed every other day, so it should be a bit easier to remember to bring their shoes. 
        Also I would like to remind our young ladies that if they do wear a dress on GYM day, they should probably wear a pair of shorts on underneath.  That way they won't have to worry about the dress coming up or any embarrassing moments.  

         We will be continuing the SPARK Phys Ed curriculum this year at Temple.  This program is an amazing new approach to the physical learning of our students as they progress from Pre-K - 5th grade. 
       The SPARK Mission:
       SPARK (Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids ) is a research-based organization dedicated to creating, implementing and evaluating programs that promote lifelong wellness.  SPARK strives to improve the health of children and adolescents by disseminating evidence-based physical activity and nutrition programs that provide curriculum, staff development, follow-up support, and equipment to teachers and recreation leaders of Pre-K through 12th grade students.  Here at Falconer we will be using SPARK for the Pre-K - 5th grade. 
    1. Students will enjoy and  seek out physical activity
    2. Students will develop and maintain acceptable levels of physical fitness.
    3. Students will develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so they will experience success and feel comfortable during present and future physical activity pursuits.
    4. Students will develop the ability to get along with others in movement.  
        We need to remind students and parents that the nurses offices will not provide shoes for those who forget their shoes at home.  I strongly encourage parents, if possible, for students to leave their shoes in school that way they are less likely to forget them. 
       I am looking forward to another exciting year at Temple Elementary.  
     "Our job is to be in shape, not a shape"
     Mr. Wendel


    Feel free to contact me at: pwendel@falconercsd.org

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