• Technology Education at Falconer Central Middle and High School
    The Tech Department at Falconer Central provides the opportunity for students to participate in courses such as 6th and 7th Grade Shop and Computer classes, Residential Structures, Materials Process, Design and Drawing for Production, CAD, Engineering, Architectural Design, and Woodworking.

    As your Technology Teacher, I believe and value 

    * The individuality and uniqueness of each child *
    * The special talents and abilities of each child *
    * The respect for personal and cultural diversity *
    * The respect and dignity of each member of the school community *
    * The partnership between the school system and the community *

    Students in Technology Education at Falconer Central

    will be provided the opportunity for:

    * Developing  the ability to apply problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills*
    * Acquiring knowledge and skills for employment , continued education, and life *
    * Integrating and applying other school subjects in a technical setting *
    * Understanding how technology has changed and continues to change *
    * Developing the ability to apply technical concepts safely when working with tools and materials*
    * Strengthening personal creativity and individual abilities to the fullest extent*


    Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and .......... have a great day!