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    "Courage is not the absence of fear; but rather it is the disregard of fear in its presence."
    My Goal:

    While I realize that not all of my students will become mathematicians, physicists, or engineers; my goal is to help my students develop an understanding for the mathematics used by those professionals. My goal is not for my students to gain knowledge through the memorization of formulas; but rather to gain an understanding for how and why mathematics is developed, and for how mathematics affects our every day lives.  While not all of my students will continue to use higher level mathematics in their every day lives; my hope is that upon completing my courses, they will have a deeper appreciation for the beauty and usefulness of what they have studied.

    Educational Background:

    The 2017-2018 school year marks my 12th year of teaching, my 10th year as the Math Club Advisor and my 9th year as the Math Department Chairperson.  I am a life-long resident of Chautauqua County and a graduate from Panama Central School.  From high school I took a few years to work with a master craftsman building custom homes in and around Chautauqua County.  I am a 2006 graduate of SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education 7-12, and a 2009 graduate of the same university with a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education.
    We will be using the classroom set of iPads in class and we will be utilizing Google Classroom and Remind services as well.  As far as materials for class, students should come prepared with a writing utensil (just in case the iPads are down) and a couple pieces of paper.  Students in my courses are not required to maintain a notebook and are not required to use the iPads.  It is up to the learner to determine the best method for keeping learning materials organized that is best suited for them.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns. 

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