• Welcome to Art!

    My name is Ms. Foulk and I am the art teacher at Paul B.D. Temple Elementary School and H.C. Fenner Elementary School!
    We simply love art. On this website you can find student artwork, art room philosophies and inspirations, and the basic art elements and principles.  Look for examples of art that inspire our projects in the art room! When creating art lessons, I am inspired by artists and artworks, favorite children's authors and illustrators and color. We work on a 6-day rotation, in which the students come to the art room and create beautiful art.  The art they make is often based on grade level development in terms of motor skills and the things that are most important to the students.  Often times we work on our projects for one class period and other projects take more time.  Many of the lessons are cross-curricular, using math, social studies, ELA,  and science.  This gives students a chance to use what they are learning in the classroom in a new and different way.  Art gives students a new environment to experiment and problem solve, which enhances their learning/cognitive and motor/developmental skills in all areas.

    To inspire creativity and encourage confidence and self-esteem in all areas (especially art-making) for all students. There is nothing better than having a fun, colorful and safe environment to let one's imagination grow!

    "Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind"

                                                                           Louise Nevelson