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     WE FIT TOGETHER!!!!! 
    We Fit Together!!!
    Here we go!!   The start of a brand NEW school year!!  This year your child will work hard, make friends, have fun and build up their skill set!  We have a wonderful team approach in our classroom and an elementary setting that is spectacular for your child.  We are all very blessed to be at Temple Elementary.  We, as a team, look forward to working, playing, encouraging and growing along side of your child.  2018 - 2019 is going to be a FABULOUS SCHOOL YEAR. 
    As always you are welcome in our room!  You can always contact me at: 267-3255 X 5132 or by email:   aconlan@falcon.wnyric.org.
    We will see you soon!! 
    A'Lynn Conlan 

    E-mail Address: aconlan @falcon.wnyric.org
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