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    Elementary - Middle School Ski Club!


    Advisor:  Carole Garrison
    We will being skiing at Peak-n-Peak again this year.   
    Information about ski club and prices will come out in early October.  Equipment can be rented from the Peak or you can bring your own.  The ski club makes 8 trips to the Peak and we do have a bus for the students to ride.  (The cost of the bus/and driver is divided between all students who ride.)  
    We start skiing after the Christmas holiday as long as the weather is right.

    On the bus:

    · Arrive on time for departure to Cockaigne 4:10 pm

    · No eating or drinking on the bus

    · Stay seated while bus is moving

    · No transportation will be provided to those on the ineligibility list

    · Board the bus at 8:45 for departure home 9:00 pm

    · No foul or obscene behavior/language will be tolerated. You will get one warning only, and then you will be responsible for finding your own transp.

    · You must be signed out by a PARENT if you are not riding the bus home!