• Senior High Health

    In Health Class your child will have twenty weeks to learn many different areas and concerns of Health. The first semester I concentrate on the Body System, this is where your child will have several quizzes, tests and notes to be taken. Once we have completed this area I enjoy allowing students to explore the other areas through more projects, and group activities that allow guided discoveries.
    We will be working in areas of nutrition, fitness, discrimination, alcohol and drugs, along with disorders and diseases. In these topics I will have a few different guest speakers in, along with a few different projects to be doing. This way the students can be able to research and discover how these topics can relate with their lives today.
    My grading system is as followed:
    Tests: 30%
    Projects/Papers: 40%
    Quiz: 15%
    Notes/Homework: 15%
    During the months your student is in Health the units will go as followed:
    September/October and January/February: Body Systems
    The students will learn about each different body system, it's function and how it helps the body work as a whole
    November and March: Nutrition
    Students will learn the essential nutrients for life along with doing some nutrition projects that allows them to associate what they eat with the nutrients discussed in class.
    December and April/May: Diseases and Alcohol and Drugs
    In the disease unit the students will have a guest speaker coming in to speak about Sexual Transmitted Diseases and how to prevent them along with common and lifestyle diseases. With the alcohol and drug unit the students will have another guest speaker come in to speak with them about the laws of driving while intoxicated and the consequences, he will have pictures and stories for the students. In both units students will be doing projects both individually and with a group.
    January and June: CPR/AED/ First Aid
    Students will be able to get their certification in all three of these areas.
    At any point during the semester you would like your child to opt out of what we are doing in class being in the disease, drug or any other units please feel free to contact me through email or telephone. Your students grades will not be affected by this and it will be handed confidentially.
    If you have any questions or concerns on my grading system or the units that we participate in please feel free to contact me. You can also monitor your child's grades through Powerschool as the semester goes on.