• Rules for Study Hall
    Mrs. Moore
    Room 104

    In order for students to be successful in their classes, they need to use their study hall time wisely.  I will ensure that they have a quiet room in which to study, read, or do work.  Study Hall is NOT social time.  Please read the following rules for my Study Hall and sign and return the bottom part.  This Study Hall contract will guarantee that students (and parents) know the rules and will follow them throughout the year.

    Students will be on time and enter quietly.
    Students will come to Study Hall with materials to work for the entire length of period.
    Students will sit in their assigned seats.
    Students are not permitted to talk to others during study hall.
    Students must sign out if they leave the room:
    Only one boy and one girl are allowed out to the bathroom or locker at a time.
    Students must get pre-signed passes before study hall begins.
    Students who are failing a class or have missing assignments may not sign out. 

    Students may be restricted from Media Center, Mac Lab, etc. at the discretion of a teacher.
    Food, drinks, gum, and candy are never allowed in Study Hall.

    I want to stress again that these rules are to help students use their time wisely in Study Hall.  I hope that by sharing these with students and parents now, at the start of the year, we will avoid any behavior problems.  If, however, students choose not to follow these rules, I will contact parents, and assign after school detention, if necessary.  Thank you for your support in your child’s education.   Please sign the slip below and return it by Friday, September 7.  

    ------------------------------(Cut and return bottom part)----------------------------

    Yes, I have read Mrs. Moore’s rules for Study Hall.

    Student ______________________________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian _____________________________________________________________

    Date _________________________________________________________________________