• Classroom Rules


    At Temple school we follow the Three B's: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. In our kindergarten classroom we also follow a set of four general rules, that encompass many behaviors. It is important that we follow these rules so that we have a safe and happy place to learn! Our general rules are:


    1. Be a good listener.

    2. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    3. Be kind with your words and actions.

    4. Work and play safely.


    In the first few days of school we practice and discuss these rules. I have a clear visual plan for students with many positive rewards for making the right choices, and a few gentle consequences when we forget to follow them and need reminders.


    Every day students arrive to school and are on our large, GREEN apple. Students will receive a verbal warning the first time they break a classroom rule, and a second time spoken to will require them to move their worm to the YELLOW apple. As a consequence, students lose part of play time at the end of the day. A third incident will require a student to move his or her worm to the RED apple, and will lose all play time at the end of the day.


    Your child will have a blue "Super Kid" card in his or her folder, and this will NOT change if your child stays on GREEN. If your child has to move to yellow or red, the card will change to the corresponding color so that you know he or she "clipped" down to that color. Please sign the card, return in your child's folder, and have your child tell you why he or she had to clip down. I will not call you every time this happens, unless I feel that it is a serious matter that warrants further discussion. If however you have questions or concerns, or your child is unable to tell you why he or she has a yellow or red card, please feel free to reach me!


    Please do not be alarmed if your child brings a yellow or red card home. At the beginning of the year we are setting precedents for acceptable behavior in school, and often it only takes one or two cards for children to clearly understand that we take the rules seriously. :)


    If children ALL remain on green all week, we will participate in a whole-class special activity on Friday. This could be extra play time, a special game, a short movie, lunch outside or in the classroom, etc. Children that remain on green all week individually will choose a reward from our class treasure chest each Friday.


    Other Positive Reinforcement Rewards:

    Marble Jar

    Cheer Cards

    Secret Student


    Verbal Praise


    Phone call/note home to family

    Choice activity with the teacher or a friend