• 1.  Be on Time:
    -In your seat ready to learn is ON TIME.  In the room not in your seat is considered LATE.
    -When entering the room after the bell, you must have a green pass from another teacher.
    -Every 2 tardies results in a 9th Period.

    2. Be Prepared:
    -Have all the required materials (book, notebook, folder, pen/pencil) with you when you enter the room.  Remember, your grade for class participation relies on this.

    3.  Turn in Assignments on Time:
    -Due dates for assignments will be given well in advance.  Assignments are to be handed in at the beginning of class the day they are due, or they are considered late.

    4.  Be Respectful:
    -to your classmates, my classroom, my property, school property and your teacher.
    -Individuals who neglect the following will be disciplined in the appropriate manner.

    5.  Be Responsible:
    -Its the students responsibility to get missed assignments/notes when absent.
    -Assignments not made up in a timely fashion after an absence will be considered late.