• This year, we are blessed enough to give each student in my classroom access to a Chromebook. He/she will be assigned his/her own device for the duration of the class period; please understand that this is NOT a one-to-one device for the entire day's classes for that individual student.




    Due to having technological access within our own classroom, the majority of assignments are done online through Google Classroom.  Students can login using their "falconerschools.org" g-mail account and their usual school password with FCS in front of it (FCS######).

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    There will still be traditional worksheets at times, but any major assignments will be done online and are expected to be turned in online by set deadlines.


    Google Classroom is where I post notes if any were given out during that day, it's where assignments and reminders will be posted, and it's also where the weekly AIR (accounable independent reading) questions will be posted for students to complete by a certain date.




    Before each test we always play a review game called Survivor (yes, like the TV show) where students play a similar trivia game to what's played on the show.  This has become quite a popular day for all of my students, and is a fun (and competitive) way to prepare for the upcoming tests.  Tests will NEVER be on a Monday or the day immediately following a break, and there will ALWAYS be a review game the day before a test; this review game day sometimes falls on Mondays or days we get back from break.  After a class period is done, I post the review game into Google Classroom for students to study from on their own time as well.  Please note, if a student is absent the day of a review game, he/she is still expected to take the test if he/she returns to school the next day, since all of the resources were online for him/her to study from.



    The English Department is also working with a brand new program in TurnItIn.com called Revision Assistant for the first time this school year; my students will work with TurnItIn during our argumentative unit during the second quarter of school.


    I do understand that some students can't stand technology, but with the ever-changing times it's important for students to at least learn how to work with it.  I do break steps down in class for logging in and using online resources.  When quarter projects arise, I always encourage students to do them online through Google, but if a student wants to hand-draw or hand-write his/her project, I will not tell him/her "no." However, major writing assignments will have the requirement of being completing online.