Hi!, My name is Lisa and I am the school nurse at Temple Elementary School!
    Welcome to the Temple Nurse's Office! 
    First, I would like to let you know a little bit about me. I have been a Registered Professional Nurse 
    for over 20 years and currently on my 8th year of being the school nurse at Temple. I was a
    Medical-Surgical Nurse for 11 years with experience in Emergency Care, Obstetrics, Wound Care,
    IV Therapy, Blood Transfusions, Oncology, Cardiology, Geriatrics, Respiratory Therapy, and Pediatrics.
    I was recognized for 10 years of excellent service and dedication for my years as a Med-Surg Nurse.
    I have also been recognized in Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in
    Nursing and Health Care. I was a substitute school nurse throughout the years I worked in the Hospital.
    I have also been involved in the opening of a new Health Clinic where I worked for 2 years. One of the
    the most unique learning experiences I have had as a nurse was working at a prison for 1 year. Prior to
    being the school nurse at Temple, I worked for 3 years in Cardiology. The best part about being a school
    nurse is giving back to the community! 
    Please review my webpage for important school related information!  
    Please feel free to contact me at school!
    Phone: 716-267-3255
    Fax: 716-267-9420 
    Health office hours: 8:35-3:35