Our school district subscribes to the following databases. These databases contain reliable information and many of them have citations already written that you are allowed to use. See the Media Center for Usernames and Passwords.
Gale Group NOVEL & FCS Databases
(PLEASE NOTE: Search terms and phrases should NOT contain symbols or punctuation.)
Click here to access any of the following databases directly:
Gale Virtual Reference Library (eBooks)
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Academic OneFile
Custom and NY State Newspapers
Health Reference Center
Grolier Online Encyclopedias
Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre
New Book of Popular Science
Lands & Peoples
America the Beautiful
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Americana
New Book of Knowledge
Amazing Animals of the World
World Book Encyclopedias
World Book Web
World Book Student
World Book Advanced
World Book Discover
World Book ebooks 
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (Spanish)
Science Power
Social Studies Power
Facts on File Science Databases
Today's Science
Science Online 
Human Body: How It Works
Your Government: How it Works 
ABC-CLIO U.S. and World History Databases
American Government
American History

Ancient History
World History
FactCite Lincoln Library Databases 
World Biography
Biography for Beginners
Shapers of Society
Sports Champions 
Rosen Teen Health & Wellness
ProQuest CultureGrams
 ProQuest Gannett Newstand (newspapers)
Career Cruising
Click here for access to Soundzabound's collection of music and audio clips for use in multimedia presentations.
Discovery Education Videostreaming
Click here for access to videos and images.
Salem Press eBooks
Click here for access to Musicians & Composers of the 20th Century or Great Athletes
Last Modified on August 30, 2016