Student Support Services
Student support services include a range of activities and services designed to assist students in achieving educational goals. Students referred to our department may require additional general education support, or may need a referral for special education services. Students may receive Educationally Related Support Services, such as speech therapy or counseling. Some students may be referred to the Instructional Support Team which will brainstorm instructional strategies and monitor students’ progress. Others may be referred for formal evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services. Our department includes a Director of Special Education & Student Support Services, a School Psychologist, and two department assistants.
 Mrs. Julie Possai, Director of Special Education Services and Student Support Services
CSE Chairperson, Grades K-5
CPSE Chairperson
504 Coordinator
Telephone: 716-665-6624 #6, #3
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 Ms. Ashly Warner, School Psychologist
CSE Chairperson, Grades 6-12
Telephone:  716-665-6624 #6, #2
 Mrs. Heather Young
Administrative Assistant Student Services
CPSE, 504, CSE, Psychological Services
Telephone:  716-665-6624 #6, #1