• Mr. Penhollow


     A Message from Superintendent, Stephen Penhollow...  


    I would like to thank our residents for approving the school budget and maintenance project. A passed budget and project allows us to plan for the future school year and beyond with confidence. The Board of Education has been able to continue to provide the highest quality of education during a time in which aid has remained inconsistent. I would also like to thank our Board of Education for providing goals, challenges and direction for the education of our students during very difficult economic times. Our building project will be completed in three phases, with phase one planning for the allweather sports complex and the redesigning of the Fenner parking lot for safer student drop-off and pick-up already underway. Congratulations to Tom Frederes for being re-elected to our Board of Education and Jennifer Olson on her first term election. We would also like to thank Cathy Kimball for her 20 years of dedication to the students, staff and community while serving on our Board of Education. Cathy Kimball has devoted many endless hours to make Falconer Central School a great place to educate our children as well as a great place to work. Please extend a thank you to her the next time you see her for all she has done to make Falconer Central School a better place.


    I would also like to thank those that were able to attend the Public Hearing at FCS on 6/12/17 in the FCS auditorium, as well as thank all of those community members that were unable to attend but continue to show their support for the School, Village and Town. We had an estimated attendance of around 260 community members and supporters present. Twenty-nine chose to speak in opposition to the annexation of the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities, Dow Street Substation by the City of Jamestown (“City”) and the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (“BPU”). The Falconer Central School District, Town of Ellicott and Village of Falconer will be significantly impacted if this “takeover” is permitted to occur. The District would lose over $153,000 annually, with the combined total for the three municipalities over $325,000 annually. Falconer Central School, the Town of Ellicott and Village of Falconer are coordinating efforts and have the support of Senator Young, Assemblyman Goodell and County Executive Horrigan, in opposition to this annexation attempt by the “BPU” and the “City.” The “City” is merely trying to shift their tax liability to the three local municipalities, including the Towns of Carroll, Ellington, Gerry and Poland which comprise the School District tax base, and on which we all depend on for support and sharing of services. Within the next 90 days of the joint public hearing, Town, Village, and City, by majority vote of their boards, shall approve or deny the Petition as being complete and in the “over-all public interest to approve such proposed annexation.” The governing boards will then need to adopt a resolution that will include findings with respect to compliance of petition Article 17 and with respect to the effect of the proposed annexation on over-all public interest.


    The month of June signals the end of another school year for students and staff. Over the last few weeks, our District has held many award ceremonies recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our students. The most significant event in June is, of course, our High School Graduation. At 7 p.m., on June 22, parents, faculty, administrators and members of the Board of Education, will gather at the Reg Lenna to congratulate our students as they cross the stage to accept their diplomas. As seniors attend their final activities as members of the Falconer student community, I wish them much success. The Falconer Central School District can take pride in the accomplishments of the Class of 2017. They have excelled in the classroom, stage, field, court, mat, and community. From the first day they entered school, the Class of 2017 have met the challenges set in front of them. We are proud of all they have done at FCS and look forward to all they will accomplish. They can be assured that these diplomas represent a significant and meaningful education delivered by an outstanding faculty. Our students are well prepared and ready to enter this next phase of their lives. 



    Stephen Penhollow, Superintendent