• Business 
    College Connections
    Credit: .25  Unit High School                                       Length: 20 Weeks
    This course will provide our students with a guided approach to confidently proceed through the college planning process. A team of experts: counselors, teachers and college experts will lead students through the entire college planning process. Group forums will be held to introduce topics, determine tasks tasks, identify deadlines and discuss plans. Every student will have individualized plans that will meet their college admissions needs. 
    Business Law
    Distance Learning - taught when available 
    Credit: 1  Unit High School                                          Length 40 Weeks
    A 1-unit course, which may be used as a component of a Business/Marketing Education sequence, and/or as a fifth unit of Social Studies when a student has also earned a vocational sequence.  Applications of the business laws, as they affect the individual, are featured; the relationship of the law to an individual’s personal, as well as occupational life, is emphasized.
    Digital Journalism*
    Credit: 1 Unit High School                                           Length: 40 Weeks Grades: 9-12    
    This class is designed for the student who would like to learn about the skills that are needed for success in communication careers; journalism, broadcasting, digital journalism, publications or they just enjoy working with computers, photography, videography and audio. Students will learn how to create layouts with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop: newsletters, programs, posters, fliers, advertisements, tickets, etc. Students will work in digital video, audio and still photography production. Projects will be made with!Photo, !Movie, !DVD and other media programs. If you would like to develop commercials, announcements, and print communication, then join us and explore your creative skills. Get your work produced and published!
    Introduction to Computer Applications
    Credit: .5    Unit High School                                     Length: 20 Weeks Grade: 8
    This course is designed to provide students with will develop the computer skills they will need in order to complete projects that will be assigned in high school. Students will first learn how to use the Mac operating system and file management system.  They will then produce products using a variety of images in order to learn about image manipulation. Internet protocol, copyright regulation and research topics and techniques will be practiced, Career-related projects will be created using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,. Students will be taught how to incorporate audio, video and images into all of their projects. Students will develop podcasts using GarageBand. Final career-related projects will be created using iPhoto and iMovie.
    Fashion Apparel & Accessories Merchandising
    Distance Learning Courses - taught when available 
    Credit:  .5 Unit High School                                     Length:  20 Weeks
    This course is designed to provide the fashion student knowledge of the various business functions in the fashion industry. Fashion Apparel & Accessories Merchandising is one of the most exciting businesses in the world, representing billions of dollars in sales. The fashion business continues to grow rapidly in the united States and around the world with new opportunities. This course focuses on the world of fashion by exploring the components of fashion and why fashion has been important throughout history. Students will explore the basics of marketing fashion products and examine the wide variety of fashion businesses and why they play an important role in domestic and global economics. An emphasis will be placed on the real-world business perspective with such topics as: types of fashion and trends, creators of fashion, fashion products and research, fashion distribution, fashion pricing and technology, promoting fashion, and preparing for a career in fashion will be covered.
    Internet Exploration & Web Design
    Credit: .5   Unit High School                                     Length: 20 Weeks Grades 9-12
    Today's students love using the Internet to gather information and communicate with friends and family. This course will help students understand the history behind the Internet including key concepts such as browsers, protocols, email, HTML language, and web page design. Students will learn how to effectively use electronic communication media and web search techniques. Students will create web pages using professional level design tools and software. Each student will plan, design, and create their pages while utilizing backgrounds, borders, and graphics. Coverage of animation, video and sound clips, and marquees will also be included.

    Credit: 1 Unit High School                                         Length: 40 WeeksDesktop Publishing is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore and use publication software that they may see in their future education or career. This is a hands-on course, in which students construct a variety of publications for use in the district while learning the program, the basics of layout, and editing. Students will learn how to create layouts with Microsoft Publisher and how to utilize Adobe Photoshop for the creation of newsletters, programs, posters, fliers, advertisements, tickets, etc. Join the fun and explore your creative skills. Get your work produced and published!

    Professional Computer Applications & Media Presentations
    Credit: .5  Unit High School                                        Length: 20 Weeks Grades 9-12
    Today's high tech environments need employees with technical skills. In fact, average starting salaries for careers in technical and computer areas are higher than most other career areas. Professional Computer Applications & Media Presentations is designed to offer students these much needed computer skills. Students will learn how to manage operating systems (Windows), process Internet data, and use Microsoft Office's multiple applications; Access, Excel, Word, and Power Point.
    Credit: Flexible                                                            Length: Flexible Grades: 9-12
    How will you learn about what you would like to do for the rest of your life? How will you decide on a college major? Spend some time as an intern! Learn about the careers that are available in your interest areas. Visit with professionals in the workplace and learn what they do! You will learn about yourself, your interests, and gain experience. Hundreds of Falconer students have gained a competitive edge because of internships they have completed. Your internship schedule will be customized to meet your interests and needs! Making career connections now will help you when you have to make college connections and career decisions!
    College Courses: (Credit offered through Jamestown Community College) 
    BUS 1410 Accounting Fundamentals
    Credit: 1  Unit High School/3 College Credits            Length: 40 Weeks Grades: 10-12
    Accounting is the language of business. This course is a one credit specialized interdisciplinary business course related to the mathematics learning standards. This course is designed to prepare students for both college level business programs and to understand the complex financial world they will encounter in their lives. students will demonstrate an understanding of accounting procedures, payroll, interest, budgeting/depreciating, loans/banking, credit, investment, financial statement analysis, and US currency vs. foreign currency. Emphasis is placed on service, sole proprietorship's, and merchandising partnerships. Recommended for students considering a college major in business or those with an interest in accounting. Meets 3rd Math credit requirement.
    BUS 1510 Principles of Financial Accounting*
    Credit: .5  Unit High School/4 College Credits             Length: 20 Weeks 
    Students will gain a broad view of accounting's role in satisfying society's need for financial information. IN an overview of the accounting profession, students will understand generally accepted accounting principles underlying the design, integrity, and effectiveness of accounting information systems. Providing relevant financial statements for the decision-making process and the use of computers to generate financial information are outlined. *Students successfully completing curriculum with a C+ or better average earn four credit hours in BUS 1510: Principles of Financial Accounting at Jamestown Community College.
    BUS 1520 Principles of Managerial Accounting
    Credit: .5   Unit High School/4 College Credits             Length: 20 Weeks 
    Students will demonstrate basic decision-making and analyzing skills in managerial accounting. Financing a business through debt or capital structures, analysis of cash flows, financial ratios, manufacturing costs, budgeting cost-volume-profit analysis, and current managerial accounting topics are covered. *Students successfully completing curriculum with a C+ or better average earn four credit hours in BUS 1520: Principles of Managerial Accounting
    BUS 1610 Personal Finance
    Credit: .5 Unit High School/3 College Credits                Length: 20 Weeks 
    Students will gain an appreciation of the need for personal financial planning and will learn how to apply such planning to goal setting and budgets. They will evaluate exposures to risk and how insurance fits into a risk management plan. Students will have the ability to coordinate income, assets, and spending into a comprehensive program that takes the planner through the various stages of their life cycle, from college to retirement. Eligibility: ENG 1510.
    CSC 1560 Microcomputer Application
    Credit: .5 Unit High School/3 College Credits                Length: 20 Weeks
    Students use application software such as Microsoft Office to study word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentation software. The integration and practical application of these topics is stressed throughout the course. Students will spend a substantial amount of out-of-class time working on computer projects. Prerequisite: MAT 0500 or higher; must meet minimum college level reading score: Accuplacer 80+. J fall, spring; C fall, spring; Online fall, spring. 4 credit hours