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    Falconer Middle School
    Mission Statement

     Falcon Logo

    Falconer Middle School is

    place for

    Learning and

    Communicating with

    Others to gain skills one

    Needs for life




    Middle School Expectations

    Be Respectful

    Be Safe

    Be Responsible



     Team 8 Teachers and Email Address:


    Teacher School Email Address
    Ms. Ruthanne Main
    Mr. Keith Kresconko

    Mrs. Lisa Arnone,
    Team Leader

    Mrs. Sandra Reynolds
    Mrs. Jill Moore
    Mrs. Michaelina Rizzo
    Mr. Matthew Bailey

    Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Krista Odell kodell@falcon.wnyric.org


    Homework Policy

    Homework is a very important component in ensuring student success. Each student is expected to spend some time in addition to scheduled class instruction to achieve satisfactory work. Some assignments are long range in nature and require planned study time for their completion. Planned study eliminates the necessity of spending too much time completing the assignment the day before it is due.

    1. Homework that is turned in on time will be graded out of 100%.
    2. The highest possible grade for work tuned in late is a 65%.
    3. Homework that is due Monday through Thursday will only be accepted for late credit by Friday at 3:10 pm of the same week. Homework that is due on Friday will only be accepted for late credit by 3:10 pm on the next scheduled school day. Homework that is due the day prior to a scheduled holiday, vacation, or a scheduled ½ day will only be accepted for late credit on the next scheduled school day by 3:10 pm.
    4. If the teacher is unavailable through 3:10 pm to accept the late work, then the assignment must be turned in by 3:10 pm on the next scheduled school day in order to receive late credit.
    5. Students that miss a homework assignment with an excused absence will have until 3:10 pm on the 2nd scheduled school day after returning to school to turn in their assignment as eligible for grading out of 100%. After that, the assignment is considered late and will follow the late work policy noted above. Lengthy absences will be handled on an individual basis between the teacher and student.

    **Grading for projects and inter-disciplinary units are handled differently at teacher discretion.


     Reasons to stay 9th period

    Request extra help
    Test review
    Curriculum enrichment
    Missing assignments
    Make-up work
    Unacceptable behavior
    After school activities




    Regular Bus


    Late Bus - Monday through Thursday. -
    Central drop off point at Kennedy Community Building and Ellington Town Park


    Late Bus – Tues. & Thurs. -
    Central drop off point at Kennedy Community Building and Ellington Town Park





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