• Just for Parents
    If you are having a hard time finding what you are looking for to help your child this is the place for you.  Hundreds of links to assist you and your child with many skills across grade levels and content area.  Ranked and approved by parents. 

    Printable Worksheets
    Grades Pre-K to 5!  Worksheets here range from addition to word problems.  Get on, explore, and print for practice! 

    Print and Practice

    Print and practice hundreds of worksheets here for extra practice at home.  You can also create your own worksheets.  Everything from addition to measurement to fractions and decimals is located here.  Great for extra practice at home! 

    Online Math Dictionary

    Not sure of a math term or are you just curious about the meaning of a math term?  This site includes over 600 math terms.  Language is simple and easy to understand.  Visual representations of words are also included here. 

    Jeopardy (Microsoft Power Point Required)

    Play jeopardy at home.  Jeopardy games for math and other subjects are available here.  Challenge your family and friends to a game of jeopardy that you are sure to win!

    Dr. Math is in the House!

    Have a question that you need answered?  Dr. Math is here to help.  If you have a math question this site is for you.  Follow the directions for posting a question and you will get your answer via email from Dr. Math. 

    Sudoku Mania!

    Play this popular game online!  This game requires concentration, patience, and practice.  Start out easy and work your way up! 

    Play bingo while you practice your math skills.  Who knew learning could be so much fun!  No chips needed, just skill! 

    Houghton Mifflin

    Houghton Mifflin has created a wonderful site for you to explore.  Leveled by grade this site provides you with the opportunity to practice your problem solving, vocabulary, and models.  Go and explore! 

    Harcourt Learning
    This educational site provides many opportunities to learn.  Skills to practice here include decimals, number sense, albegra and functions, measurement, and statistics.  You can also explore activities for other subject areas on this wonderful site. 

    Is Math Bugging You?

    Brush up on your coordinate, sequencing, subtraction, multiplication, and other math skills.  The skies the limit here!  Our favorite is the grub hunt! 

    Math is Cool

    Included here is a math dictionary, practices, and games.  This is a leveled site with games intended to challenge your ability.  Games are catchy and fun! 

    Fun for Your Brain!

    This site is leveled by grade.  This site is set up arcade style with games such as Sudoku, WebBooks, and Comics.  Many other interactive games are here as well.  Check it out and have fun while you learn. 

    School Time Games!
    A popular favorite that you use in school too!  A large collection of logic games and math games.  A ton of fun is to be had by all on this site.  Along with math, there are other subjects to explore as well. 

    What's the Ruling?

    Fun and interactive measurement game.  Be careful, you will be timed!  Learn how to read a ruler, and have fun in the process.  Metric rulers are also available. 

    Money Frenzy!

    Count Grandpa's change.  If you can count what's in his pocket correctly, it's yours! 

    Money, Money, Money!

    Interactive leveled money counting game.  Brush up on this essential life skill here!  Money  makes the world go round, it's important that you know your bills and change! 

    Place Value & Rounding Practice

    Power points, vidoes, and online presentations for you to explore. Practice a variety of skills from fractions to money using interactive games to stir your math imagination!  You can explore alone, or bring a friend or parent along. 

    Math Playground

    A virtual math playground where you can play any time of day!  Math games, puzzles, and video tutorials are all available on this site.  Go play, explore, learn, and have fun in the process! 

    Family Challenge

    Have fun exploring the many challenges you and your child can do together!  This fun, interactive site has alot to offer for fun and learning!  Supported by the National Council for Teacher's of Mathematics, this site is a must to visit and explore!