1) VISION SCREENING: Vision screening is provided once a year to Kindergarten,
                                                           1st and 2nd grade students.
    2) HEARING SCREENING: Hearing screening is provided once a year to
                                                                 Kindergarten and 1st grade students.
    3) PHYSICAL EXAM: A physical exam given by your child's doctor needs to be submitted
                                                    within 30 days from the first day they begin school for NEW
                                                    STUDENTS, KINDERGARTENERS and 2ND GRADERS. If for
                                                    some reason your child is unable to get a physical, our Nurse
                                                    Practitioner or school Physician will do their best at providing a
                                                    very limited exam, considering they do not know your child or
                                                    their past history.



            1 Because certain health screenings are not  
          required yearly at school and become less frequent as your child gets older,
          it is important for you to get your child yearly check-ups with their doctor! 

     *If you choose to decline any of the above health screenings, you must send in a written 
           and signed statement to the Health Office stating you do not want your child given
                                           a physical or a screening evaluation.

       The Health Office will notify you in writing, along with the screening results,
                               ONLY if there is an abnormal finding that would
                                             require further medical diagnosis


                                "Your child's academic success depends on good health"

                   HEALTH OFFICE HOURS: 8:35-3:35       HEALTH OFFICE PHONE: 716-267-3255        FAX: 716-267-9420