Keep your child home if 

     if they have the following:

        Your child MAY NOT return

                   to school until:

       FEVER (100 degrees or higher)

    They are fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication


    They have not vomited for 24 hours and are not complaining of a stomach ache


    They have not had any type of loose stools in the past 24 hours and do not need medicine to relieve



    They no longer need cough medicine to control the cough. Cough drops are not allowed at school in

    case of choking

                    COLD/ INFLUENZA

    They do not have any symptoms for 24 hours, such as fever, cough or runny nose



    They are seen by their doctor to determine the type of rash and have an order from the doctor stating they may come back to school. There are no open or draining sores

                      PINK EYE

    They have received 3 doses of antibiotic drops

                        FIFTH DISEASE

    The child has no symptoms.  The virus is spread the week before the rash is seen. Once the child has the rash, they are no longer contagious. Need doctor order to return to school


    They have been treated by prescription medication for

    1 day. Need doctor order to return to school


    After 24 hours of antibiotic therapy. There are no open or draining sores. Need doctor order to return to school

                   CHICKEN POX

    Spots are scabbed over, usually 7 days. There are no open or draining sores. Need doctor order to return to school

                          HEAD LICE

    The following day after treatment. Retreat in 7-10 days




     If your child says, “I don’t feel good”   


    Things you can do: Take their temperature, ask them what their symptoms are.  If you have to give them medicine to relieve any symptoms they are probably sick and need to stay HOME


                   BE PREPARED

    Designate a person to take care of your child when they are sick if you are unable to get off work. If you do not have a vehicle, find someone who does, in case of an emergency




             KEEP YOUR CHILD  


    Make sure your child has a yearly physical with their doctor

    Dress them appropriately for cold weather

    Encourage them to wash hands frequently

    Teach them to cough and sneeze into their elbow

    Get your child vaccinated

    Use a humidifier at night to prevent coughs, nasal symptoms

    Encourage healthy eating to help prevent illness

    Make sure they get enough SLEEP! Stick to a bedtime routine

    Teach them not to share water bottles, food or hair items