• Help your child learn their sight words!

    Sight Words


    ·      Create and useflashcards

    ·      Practicewriting words in sand or salt on a paper plate

    ·      Practice“building” sight words using Legos, bathroom cups, popsicle sticks, and orblocks

    ·      Play memorywith words written on popsicle sticks, index cards, plastic spoons, etc.

    ·      Practicemaking words with magnetic letters

    ·      Write thesight words on index cards and place them all over your house (have your child name them when he/she enters aroom, before bedtime, etc.)

    ·      Save yourmilk, juice or water bottle caps and write their sight words on the caps

    ·      Use eggcartons and plastic eggs to match sight words

    ·      Make sightword puzzles

    ·      Write thesight words on ping pong balls and play “catch” (i.e. throw me “for”)

    ·      Putchocolate pudding or paint in a Ziploc bag (seal it tight) and have your childpractice making words

    ·      Find an old“Twister Game” and instead of playing the game the traditional way, write sightwords on the colored circles and instead of calling out colors, call out sightwords

    ·      Write sightwords on a variety of objects and allow children to “discover” objects and readwords

    ·      Create a“rock garden”. Collect rocks around your house and write sight words on them

    ·      Use sidewalkchalk and practice writing the words all over the sidewalk

    ·      Write sightwords in permanent marker on rubber ducks and practice sight words in thebathtub

    ·      Use any oldgames you have laying around (Don’t break the ice, Jenga, CandyLand) and turnthem into a sight word game

    ·      Practice readingsight words everywhere and anywhere!!! Practice in the car, look at magazinesor newspapers, read cereal boxes, find sight words at the store or in books.

    ·      Practicewriting sight words!!!


                   Sight Words